Company Profile
  At H&H Welding and Repair, we have the resources to take an idea and turn it into a usable asset for your company with as much or as little input from your staff as you desire. We can design and build any project, no matter what size, around your basic specifications with a minimal turn over time from drawing board to installation.
We pride ourselves on being able to complete the widest range of projects found anywhere, partly due to the knowledge and equipment that we’ve strived to possess over the past decade, but mostly because of the “can do” attitude that all of our staff and crews have. Our vast experience in the metal forming, fabrication, machining, welding, and repair industries, along with state of the art 3D design technology, give our customers the edge in today’s fast paced environment. Using this technology, our engineering department can take a simple sketch or idea and turn it into a working model or a full scale prototype in a very short period of time. So when time and money are a concern, H&H Welding can put your company on a fast track to savings.
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