Master Manipulators of Molten Metal.
  • Steel, stainless, aluminum, cast iron, bronze and brass welding/brazing.
  • Fabricated weldments up to 100,000 lbs
  • Shearing, punching, bending up to 3/4in. plate
  • 100 Ton hydraulic press
  • 150-400 ton press brakes
  • Webb Roller 3/8″x4′ material cap.
  • High-def CNC plasma burn table (to 6 in. thick)
  • Auto and manual saw cutting (any angle) (1 to multiple parts)


Much more than just a fab shop.
  • CNC vertical machining center
  • CNC boring, bed and knee mills.
  • Plastic and non-standard material machining.
  • 1pc to multiple thousands of parts per order
  • (4) digital read-out lathes, 48″ vertical lathe.
  • All tolerances followed per customer specs
  • Lathe cap is 1/8″. to 52″ in diameter. Mill capacity to 72″
  • Bearings, shafts spray welded and re-turned, bushings, cylinders sleeved and bored.
  • Plate surfacing, re-threading, and keyed shafts up to 20ft. long.


Exceptional experience in heavy and light repair and new fabrication.
  • Semi tractor frame extensions and repair welding.
  • Trailer frame straightening and re-arching.
  • Suspension and fifth wheel plate repair and replacement.
  • Bucket rebuilding, equipment hard-facing and crusher plant repairs.
  • Portable line boring and drilling.
  • Cylinder replacement, hydraulic rebuilds, and pump repairs.
  • Boom and loader arm repairs.
  • New fabrication and install of dump box liners.
  • Refurbishment of existing dump boxes and running gear.
  • Any and all misc. equipment repairs


Custom parts and products. 
  • Shop carts, tool carts, and specialty work stations.
  • Staircases, railings, platforms/mezzanines.
  • Conveying and loading systems.
  • Light to heavy duty material and part racking systems.
  • Part washing, drying and paint lines.
  • Specialty scrap bins, dumpsters and containment systems.
  • Dump bodies, gravel trains, flat beds trailers.


Get the job done anywhere. 
  • 2 box trucks equipped with on-board welding machines, plasma cutters, grinders, air compressors and various tools.
  • Flatbed truck with trailer.
  • 3/4 ton pickup.
  • Mobile sales, part pick up and delivery.
  • Field welding, torching and general fabricating.
  • On site evaluations and consultations.
  • Machine set up and tear down.
  • Building erecting and demolition.
  • Handrail, gantries, and catwalk installs.


High-quality materials per customer order with minimal lead times.
  • Single and multi-story building packages in any size.
  • Pre-engineered building packages.
  • Towers, crane systems, and steel decking.
  • Bar joists, joist girders, and fabricated beams.
  • Loading dock and multi-story stairs.
  • Handrails in any style and guard posts.
  • Red iron and similar steel sales.


Turn ideas into reality.
  • We accept (.prt, .sldprt) (.x_t) (.step, .stp) (.stl) (.cgr) (.dxf) (.dwg) (.pdf) file formats
  • Mobile sales engineer
  • In-house design team
  • Reverse engineering
  • Structural certifications
  • Solidworks, Fusion360 and AutoCad
  • Prototype and custom designs per customer request


Get ahead of rust and corrosion.
  • Powder coating
  • Wet painting
  • Galvanizing
  • Electroplating
  • Chrome plating
  • Sandblasting, base priming
  • Brushed finishes
  • Black oxide

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